GPS-IMU Technology for Aerial Imaging

x  10 Hz refreshrate
x  1 m accuracy
x  true-heading determination
x  selfcalibrating IMU
x  Release and Event-Control
x  Open Interface
x  Low power consumption
x  Compact
x  Easy to be installed
x  Adjusted for AeroTopoL
x  Adjustable using additional hardware

All AeroNav-Receivers use c/a coded L1 smoothed positioning with a refresh rate of 10 Hz. This enables a precise navigation that is essentially for a precise aerial imaging.

AeroNav-Receivers are already designed with a bidirectional communication with AeroTopoL to support Camera Release and Camera-Event management.

AeroNav-GPS is a very compact system that includes all needed basic features.

AeroNav-Vector includes beside the GPS a high quality GPS-Vector board that enables with 10 Hz refresh rate the true-heading determination.

AeroNav-GPS/IMU includes Vector and an IMU to determine the Roll and Pitch angles. This innovative IMU Sensor is a self-calibrating multi sensor technique that even is able to overtake true-heading while the vector fails.

All the outcome data can be accessed at the serial port in a well defined format that makes it usable for any application.

AeroNav GPS/IMU with Snapbox for RMK top

AeroNav GPS with integrated Snapbox

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